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ICT Centre aims to be a center of competence in information and communication technologies, to attract people wishing to obtain more knowledge by experts . Its main advantage is the provision of quality services , so the Centre cooperates with numerous hardware and software companies and consultants in various fields. Its inventor, engineer Radostina Katsarova has gained diverse experience and valuable contacts in the multiannual career in the section " Microprocessors " at NITI Institute , as a computer designer for “Iskra " newspaper, as an IT specialist at "Business Center" Kazanlak and "ELTOMS" Ltd. and sales manager in "More Selection" and as a trainer under several national and European programs : project "iGovernment", Qualification training of unemployed people under 29 years, project "Optimism", project " training presentation Skills - Power Point", ESF project -2101-09-05004 "Qualification and training of employees", the "Global Libraries Bulgaria", project "Professional" program "I can do more" . certifications and training

Professional training , training courses and consultations are intended primarily for:

• Employees of private companies , non-governmental organizations, state and municipal institutions who want to facilitate their work, enhance or change their skills using technology

• Workers included in various programs under the Operational Programme " Human Resources Development " , including "I can do more" , which include qualifying courses and core competencies with vouchers.

• Unemployed , seeking opportunities to realize their ambitions on the labor market .

• Business managers and middle level managers and organizations , state and municipal institutions and private companies.

ICT training provides individual approach to everyone - in curricula, learning materials and methodologies that are fully compliant with the current level of the students and their specific requirements for obtaining practical knowledge using various interactive methods by addressing specific problems related to their professional activities.

Started as a center for information and communication technologies, the center is certified as a professional licensed by the National Agency , including professions with emphasis back to work with a computer.

The center is an approved supplier of training core competencies and professional qualifications under the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development".

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