Квалификационно обучение на безработни младежи до 29 години, Казанлък, 2007.
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ICT Center offers services in the field of information and communication technologies in the form of vocational training , counseling , seminars, certification and validation of knowledge. It is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training as a vocational training center and approved as a training provider under the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development". Its creation was made possible thanks to the project "Establishment of Center for Information and Communication Technologies" , contract ESF- 1203 -09- 1208, which is funded by the Operational Programme " Human Resources Development " 2007-2013, financed by the ESF. more


  • Vocational training
  • Training on key competences
  • Provider of training in the OP "Human Resources Development"
  • Professional counseling, education and training in the field of Microsoft products
  • Computer and Web Design
  • ICT consultation with leading professionals
  • Testing and certification

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